The Society is seeking members of good repute. Qualifications for membership are:

  • A man of good standing within his community.
  • An adherent to a code of honor1.
  • A Southerner by birth or by assimilation2.
  • The holder of an honorary commission3 issued by the Governor of any of the several states who still award such honors.

The goals of the Society are as follows:

  • To restore honor to the institution of Southern Gentlemanliness.
  • To teach Southern men to be Gentlemen.

Initially, this Society shall function as a virtual assembly, with this website serving as its meeting hall. Gentlemen of the Society are encouraged to post articles to this site to edify other Southern Gentlemen.

The Society recognizes Gentlemen come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All men meeting the qualifications for membership shall be considered, but as a private organization, the Society is  under no obligation to accept any as members except those who it so chooses.

The principle rule of the Society is the Golden Rule: “All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them” Matthew 7:12, ASV.

Those so interested to become members of the Society should contact Jeremy B. Blevins, or call 1.347.746.1776.

  1. There are several codes of honor a gentleman may adhere to. One worthy of mention is the Virginia Military Institute Code of Honor, which can be read here. At a future date, the Society may adopt its own Code of Honor.
  2. Being Southern by birth should require no additional explanation. Being Southern by assimilation, however, means that the gentleman of foreign extraction, be that Yankee, European, Mexican, or Moroccan, has adopted the mannerisms and customs of other Southern Gentlemen with whom he seeks to associate. The Society understands, however, the Southern Accent, while a most desirable trait, may be absent from the speech of even the most assimilated Gentleman, and shall not count it against him.
  3. A listing is available here. If you know of others, let us know. Why do we require this, one might ask? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term gentleman was of Middle English origin and was from the Old French gentilz hom, which was from the Latin gentilis (race, tribe) hom (man). By the founding of these United States of America, a gentleman was a member of the gentry, above a yeoman and below an Esquire, i.e. well-bred with an education and manners. In modern society, we’ve forgotten what it means to be a gentleman. We use the honorary commission as a discriminator to determine who amongst “gentlemen” has endeavored to be a Gentleman.