Rules of Engagement

Rules of Conduct on this website

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated. If you like to be treated poorly, you’re unfit material to be a Gentleman anyway, so go somewhere else. We’re all respectful here.
  • Don’t be vulgar. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your Mama, don’t say it here.
  • No ad hominem attacks. No passive aggressive snipes. Gentlemen don’t do that.
  • Book, chapter, and verse. If you make a claim, be willing to back it up with a valid source. Don’t gossip. If you misrepresent something, apologize and own up to it.
  • No pseudonyms. Your parents gave you a name, use it or whatever you changed it to if you didn’t like it. If you’re willing to say something, be willing to be known for having said it. A Gentleman stands behind his statements; he doesn’t cower behind anonymous jabs.
  • If you don’t like what the curators of this site have posted, its probably because you’re not interested in the institution of Southern Gentlemanliness. We reserve the right to engage in our First Amendment right to Free Speech whether or not you agree with it. Don’t assert your superiority or moral indignation. We’re Southern and those Jedi mind tricks don’t work on us anyway.
  • Ladies: we welcome you to read and enjoy what we post to this site. If we say anything that offends you and you believe it is something unbecoming of a Gentleman, kindly let us know. If it is not something unbecoming of a Gentleman and you just don’t like it out of contrariness, please re-read these rules of engagement.
  • Males who have no interest in becoming Gentlemen: please re-read these rules of engagement.
  • Any other sentient beings: please re-read these rules of engagement.
  • The Society reserves the right to ban miscreants (of its own determination) from posting to the website. Trolls will be dragged out from under their bridges and exposed to the light of day.

2 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement”

  1. I thank you for reposting my blog. It was born of the mounting frustration I’ve experienced of late in perusing so many mean-spirited and nasty posts on my Facebook page.

    No ‘side’ has a monopoly on good will, love of country or patriotism although you wouldn’t know it reading many of what my quote unquote good Christian repeatedly post on my feed. Over the course of the last few years, it is not uncommon to see something truly ugly posted by the same friends who trumpet their religious beliefs.

    And yet, some cooler heads do prevail for I have many religious friends who are just as appalled at this same behavior as I am. We’ve had some wonderfully insightful conversations of both a political and a religious nature which I hold up as proof positive that respect and kindness go much further than name-calling, violent images and fostering an us vs. them mentality.

    In any case, I hope I am in keeping with your Rules of Engagement. 🙂 And thank you again for the re-blog.


  2. Your blog is so needed! Just when I was wondering where were the Southern Gentlemen – found your blog! good luck to you


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